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Body, Mind & Spirit - OnTrack Fitness with Lynda Marie

Body, Mind & Spirit

Jump Into 2017 With OnTrack Fitness and Lynda Marie

Online Fitness - OnTrack Fitness with Lynda Marie

Online Fitness

I approach on-line coaching with a mind, body, spirit approach, along with weekly progress check-in to discuss obstacles, challenges and how to break through that barrier that has stopped you from being successful in the past. Coaching includes sleep habits, discipline, balance and goal setting.

Detailed Custom Workout with videos designed to achieve your specific goals, teaching you proper form and intensity. Skype appointments are available to clients who need additional support.

Online Nutrition - OnTrack Fitness with Lynda Marie

Online Nutrition

Customized meal plan based on your age, weight, height, activity level and lifestyle, along with alternative options and recipes.

Professional software breaks down macro-nutrients and calories. Meal Plan includes analysis of current eating habits and supplement recommendations.

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