Online Services

I am a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine offering Customized Meal Plans developed to provide the proper amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats at the optimal times during your day to boost your metabolism for weight loss and give you proper energy for your workouts and throughout the rest of your day. This is coupled with On-Going Coaching, weigh-ins, and weekly discussions to coach you with behavior modifications, weekly food preparation and packaging, discussing struggles and successes of the previous week and week to come.

Maybe you don’t live in my immediate area but want to take advantage of my expertise or maybe you are on a fixed income and cannot afford a trainer……

My OnLine Services may be the perfect solution for you.

Customized meal planning, based on your age, weight, height, lifestyle and desired goals. Your meal plan will include substitution options for each meal, calorie counts and nutrition totals as well as a complete shopping list. I will teach you the best way to prepare and package your meals based on your schedule and lifestyle. Your two program also includes adjustments and changes made to this plan to progress you to your goals.

Customized Workouts: Whether you are training for a triathalon, enjoy a competitive sport or just want to gain some muscle I will customized a workout to get you to your desired goal. This workout is based on the equipment or lack of equipment you have available to you. Always pushing you to challenge yourself to get optimum results.

Coaching: Let’s face it, if eating healthy and exercising were easy to implement, we would all be successful on our own. I will be there for you to encourage and motivate you through every step of your progress. We will have check in appointments by phone regularly along with me being accessible via text to guide you along the way. Whether you find yourself at a last minute luncheon wanting some suggestions for healthy eating or just need a little encouragement to remind you of you intended goals, I will be there to coach you to actualizing your end result.