Competition Training

Are you ready to take your training program to the highest level possible
and compete in a fitness competition? Training for these competitions takes
specialized coaching to every detail in regards to weight training and
nutrition. With competitors in states across the country, OnTrack Fitness
ensures that your journey to the stage is one that is fun and rewarding and
something you will remember for a life time.

Lynda Marie, a National qualifying bikini competitor herself, knows first hand
that there are many different training approaches to get to the best shape
of your life and unfortunately many of those approaches result in damaged
metabolisms resulting from crazy calorie restrictions, endless hours of
cardio, diets that exclude sufficient fuel and nutrition and even damaging
drugs and supplements that cause long term metabolic damage.

You will only find happy and healthy competitors at OnTrack Fitness.
LyndaMarie cares about YOU first and foremost. Since no two competitors
are alike there are no cookie cutter meal plans or workouts. You will
receive a customized plan that is designed and tailored specifically for you.

OnTrack Fitness offers the following for contest prep:
– Customized Nutrition Plan & Workout Schedule
– Weekly follow-up visits including measurements, photos and progress
discussions to support and motivate you every step of the way.
– Recommendations for suit, shoes, tanning, hair & make-up and photo
shoot always keeping cost and quality in the forefront.
– Posing sessions both private and with a group to ensure that you are
comfortable and confident for your big day!
– A detailed itinerary starting at the beginning of peak week walking you
through every detail of your week right up to the time and place for every
appointment on stage day. You will also have me physically with you
every step of the way on that day until you step off that stage for the final
– A reverse diet plan and coaching to ensure a healthy metabolism post
show. We will also thoroughly cover post show blues and how to love
your body after the show as it won’t always look that way!

Come work with me and I promise this journey and experience will be
amazing! Contact me today for pricing & to schedule your complementary

OnTrack To Success

Camille Platten – 47 – Chicago, IL

Transformation happens even to those who are relatively “fit”.   We call it “skinny/fat”.  Camille competed in her first bikini competition at the age of 47.  The funny part is that her weight changed very little.  However, she gained lean muscle and lost body fat, so since muscle weighs more than fat, the scale didn’t change much.  How is this result achieved?  Hard work and dedication!  Camille pushed in her workouts but even more importantly she followed her meal plan and walked away with a 1st place trophy.

Angie Jenkins – 51 – Centenial, CO

I struggled with my weight through childhood and up until college. Although I became healthy and lost weight as I got older, never did I imagine being in the best shape of my life at 51 years old. Huge thank you to my coach, Lynda Marie. Without her professional and personalized attention, I would not have been able to achieve my goal of participating in my first Figure Competition. Thanks to Lynda’s guidance, customized meal plans and intense workout regime, not only did I realize my goal but ended up taking home three trophies!!

Thank you Lynda for believing in me, for your diligence in adapting and devising meal plans based on the way my physique responded, for your unwavering integrity, and for your commitment to me as a client!! If you are reading this and looking for a personal trainer or competition coach, you would be well served in hiring Lynda. She was instrumental in allowing me to reach my goals and will do the same for you!!

Monica Marudas – 40 – Highlands Ranch, CO

I was a heavy child and never thought I’d compete in a figure competition as I spent a lifetime concerned about my weight.  After spending many years thinking endless hours of cardio, I met LyndaMarie and she taught me a much different approach.  She immediately told me the cardio had to stop as I was breaking down all of the precious muscle I was working so hard to build.  She taught me nutritional timing and giving my body certain amounts of macronutrients with specific measurements for every meal.  She also taught me how to lift weights in a way I never had before and the changes were crazy.  I stepped on the stage in November, 2014 and won 4 trophies in my first show.  Thank you Lynda for teaching me how to do this in a healthy way!  What a fantastic experience!

Danielle Minoui – 26 – Hacketstown, NJ

When I first met Lynda in May 2014 she said something that made no sense at the time and now does. “Danielle, get off the scale because the scale is stupid!” I had been weighing myself every day for years and thought that was the perfect way to determine my progress. Lynda went on to tell me that unless we are measuring body fat she wanted me to put the scale on a shelf, so I did.

I had been working out for several years before I decided to compete but always plateaued. I could never get that six pack or muscle definition I wanted in the past. I also didn’t eat carbs or fats. I mean, those things made me fat, as far as I was concerned. Guess again! Lynda taught me to eat every three hours in very specific portions and my daily calorie count was almost double what I had eaten in the past. I also had never had a pre or post workout meal before and began to love it immediately. I not only was never hungry through my entire prep but I had tremendous energy to make gains in my muscle.

When I started this journey I was fairly thin, but as you can see; soft. However, in just three months of training, I lost only 3 pounds. In the past I would have thought those were horrible results. But this time I was building muscle. Since muscle weighs more than fat, that scale number didn’t matter. I had lost over 5% body fat and gained an incredible amount of muscle. I won fourth place in my open class and was thrilled to be a part of this experience. I will never again give an ounce of credit to the scale and continue to build muscle by eating carbs and fats! Thank you Lynda for teaching me how to do this right!