Another OnTrack Fitness Success Story…….Respect the seasons in your life to achieve long term success!

I was introduced to Lynda Marie and OnTrack Fitness in 2010. I was always an athlete in my youth. I played four years of HS volleyball, basketball in junior high school and worked out in college too. However, my life and body made some big changes when I hit 28 years of age and became pregnant with my twin boys!

After the boys were born, I knew it was time to get serious and I hired Lynda. Lynda pushed me hard, taught me proper technique, introduced me to lifting weights and convinced me that I would not become big and bulky from doing so. However from 2010 till 2015, I struggled with the “clean eating” part of my program as well as consistency in the gym.

Lynda continued to reinforce and encourage me to respect “seasons” in my life and work around them. After all, those were some challenging years! I had twin boys under the age of five! Free time was not something that presented itself often in my life! Lynda taught me “Don’t miss workouts when you can do it! Don’t say I’m not in the mood today, or I’m too tired, because there will be other days that the circumstances are out of your control, like a kid gets sick or the house is a mess and you really can’t workout!” She told me to respect this season in my life, my boys were only ages 1-5 once and my health and fitness program would not be top priority at this time. I stayed as consistent as life allowed me, making my boys #1 in my life, making small gains, building endurance and becoming stronger and stronger.

Now with my boys both in school, I have been able to bring not only my workout program up, training with Lynda twice a week, getting to the gym for cardio on the other days and I really got my clean eating up a notch!

All I can say is wow! I never felt so good and comfortable in my own skin as I do today at 36 years old! I have more energy than I ever have and mental clarity like no other time. Thank you Lynda for teaching me to be patient with myself and to see the bigger picture no matter how long it takes!
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