Becoming Fit is a Journey for the Body, Mind & Soul

Many people who want to get into shape don’t realize there is more to fitness than getting on a treadmill, lifting weights or healthy eating.  While all the above mentioned are critical to achieving your goals, complete wellness is just as much about your body internal as it is external.  Stress, lack of sleep, medications, hormone imbalances, an unbalanced life and even the thoughts and beliefs you have held on to about your success all play a key roll in your exercise and eating habits.

I know first hand about cultivating all aspects of wellness after my 25 year battle with Lupus and my journey to complete healing with no signs of the disease even though blood work.   You can read the details of my journey back to health here (a link).  Along with healthy eating and exercise, I had to make additional changes.   I initially made changes to my thinking, not taking ownership of the disease, not just in my words but living those new beliefs in my actions.  I made changes to my lifestyle in regards to stress through learning how to quiet my mind.  This also resulted in better sleep which is imperative for any healthy lifestyle.    These are just a few of the ways that I worked towards complete healthy lifestyle.  I therefore pass all of these valuable tools on to my clients.  push yourself to achieve your goals and I teach my clients who struggle with chronic conditions the same.  Loving what I do, doing what I love and making the decision to take care of myself today so that I serve, encourage and motivate others is what I am all about.

My goal is to teach you how to embrace health & fitness on all levels… physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Whether I coach and train you here locally and in person or over the airwaves of technology, I will provide you with a customized workout and meal plan specific to your ability level along with tools to implement these changes in to your life.  My long term goal is for you to not only enjoy this new life style but to maintain it by always striving for a life of balancing these changes with your other responsibilities, your relationships, allowing for other recreation and most important allowing time for rest and relaxation.